PERLUM Nachfolger „White Lion“

«PERLUM Nachfolger White Lion» weight loss capsules are an effective remedy for comfortable reduction of body weight. This drug reduces appetite and help to refuse of supper lat at night. Besides, it also promotes quick satiation and reduction of food portions. It suppresses hunger and promotes lipid exchange and utilization of fats, speeds up transit of food through intestines and activates detox-system.

Nowadays, there is a plenty of slimming solutions, but “PERLUM Nachfolger White Lion” capsules are made from natural plant extracts only. All ingredients contained in  “PERLUM Nachfolger White Lion”  have beneficial effect on the organism and help to improve your figure by elimination of excess weight. The drug is made of natural cola plant that reduces depot fat in human body and promotes metabolism and internal secretion. The medicine has especially great influence on waist, belly, buttocks, and hips zones. Body will be relieved from toxins and complexion improves.


– are natural product which does not contain any chemical substances;

– are made with the use of innovative biological technologies;

– are highly effective;

– do not cause intolerance;

– should be taken once a day;

– Lost weight won't be back after termination of the treatment;

It is important to drink much water (up to two litres daily) during the treatment course.

Administration: 1 capsule once a day (before or after the meal).


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