ЛиДа Экстра Старк


A new highly effective programme for weight loss and body sculpting was developed by experts from China, on the basis of fat-burning complex of herbs, Q10 coenzyme, and a source of natural fibres. “Li-Da Extra Stark” capsules are renewed version of usual “Li-Da” medicine with increased dose and turquoise blister. “Li-Da Extra Stark” enables to control body weight easily and effectively, to improve functioning of the basic systems of human body, and to support high vitality.

Effect of the drug: Accelerates metabolism, prevents synthesis of fatty acids in liver, reduces need for sugar, reduces cholesterol level and thirst for food and carbohydrates in particular, enhances nutrient digestion, and removes excess liquid from human body.

Useful properties of “Li-Da Extra Stark” drug:

  • promotion of secretory functions of gastroenteric tract;
  • removes metabolism products and toxins from the organism;
  • positively influences cholesterol exchange
  • leads to release of essential amino acids which are very important in many biochemical processes;
  • supports necessary composition of colonic microflora, which promotes metabolism process;
  • reduces blood viscosity and blood pressure, which helps to avoid formation of atherosclerosis;
  • acts like general health-improving means for the whole organism;

Dosage and Administration: 1 capsule once a day (before or after the breakfast). Can be taken by people at age from 16 to 65 years.

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