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ЛиДа Альт

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The present product (Li-Da tablets, Li-Da capsules) is based on eco-friendly organic plants from Yunnan province and has been used for beauty and health by high-ranking persons in the ancient China throughout centuries.

All ingredients contained in Li-Da Alte drug have a favourable effect on organism and help to improve your shape by getting rid of excess weight. The capsules contain exclusively high quality plant extracts.

Intake of Li-Da Alte capsules helps to achieve the following results:

-reduction of cellulite;

-reduction of subcutaneous fat volume;

-smoothing of skin surface in problem zones;

-nutrition of skin, improvement of skin elasticity;

-reduction of thirst for sweets and farinaceous food, elimination of “emotional eating” habit;

-lipolysis and excretion of fat (blood is cleaned from excess cholesterol, liver function improves, cellulite in problem zones decreases);

-gradual loss of weight (only fat is burnt, not muscle bulk);

Dosage and Administration: 1 capsule once a day (before or after the breakfast).

After intake of capsules, you will feel thirst, because your organism will need more water than usually to eliminate disassimilation products – toxins. You'll have to drink not less than 2-3 litres of water a day.

The drug can be applied by 16-65 year old persons. Special notes: the medicine shall not be used by pregnant women. People having cardiovascular diseases and apoplexy should exercise special caution during the treatment.

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