The Chinese medicine has centuries-old experience of treatment with the help of natural means and herbs. Now there is a new player in the market – “Dikorosy butterfly” or “Meizitang” capsules. This is a natural, drug based on herbs with ingredients promoting loss of weight and general health improvement.

Results of clinical research confirm efficiency and great tolerance of “Meizitang” capsules. After 28 days of intake, 87 % of test persons noticed efficiency and loss of weight, as well as reduction of waist in combination with diet and regular physical activities, compared to those test persons who kept a diet and trained but did not take “Meizitang” capsules. The group that took the drug showed reduction of body weight on 7,2 kg on the average, and reduction of waist on 5,4 cm on the average. The results have also proven significant influence of “Meizitang” for normalization of lipid (fat) exchange.

Biologically active substances contained in the medicine will help you:

– To correct your body quickly and effectively.

– To maintain the achieved results easily.

– To reduce appetite and to create healthy food habits.

– To improve your general state and to get rid of excess oedema.

– To normalize metabolism processes which speed up loss of weight even more.

As a result of interaction of above listed plant ingredients in “Meizitang” drug, patients with adiposity notice more obvious reduction of body weight; metabolism and energy exchange increase, the maximum consumption of oxygen by the body raises, absorption of fatty acids in intestines will be normalized. Moreover, motility of colonic motility intensifies, concentrated function of kidneys improves, hearing, sight, and sense of smell enhance, the skin becomes more elastic, osteoporosis process slows down, memory and attention improve.

Dose of “Meizitang” capsules: 1 capsule per day.


The drug is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, children under 16 and adults over 65 years old. Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, disease of kidneys or liver should exercise great caution during the treatment. Intake of the drug is forbidden for people with apoplexy and individual intolerance of ingredients.


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